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The Drone Initiative Office of Human Affairs

Honolulu, HI


Subject: Drone Initiative Mission Statement

Drafted in 2007 and deployed in 2009 by members of the Drone Initiative (herein, the Initiative), the objectives of the Drone Information and Technology System (herein, Drone ITS) include, but are not limited to, a) socio-cultural surveillance, b) reconnaissance of psyche (conscious and subconscious), and c) transportation of dry goods. The Drone ITS offers a key advantage in that it allows the exploration and navigation of hazardous and/or unmapped territories with little to no threat to general health and well-being.


In socio-cultural surveillance missions, the Drone ITS is to gather intel on specific movements, patterns and trends relating to targets of special interest – both enemy and friendly – via visual, electronic (digital and analog) and photographic means and report its findings back to Drone Headquarters (HQ). The success of the missions depend highly on HQ’s ability to interpret data and plan an effective course of action, whether it be to assemble a strategic defensive formation, gather additional intel, or launch a full-fledged assault.


The Drone Initiative is not limited to physical means of collecting data. Advanced Drone ITS methodology includes venturing deep into uncharted regions of the human psyche to perform reconnaissance missions. The objectives of these missions is to explore, understand and exploit the vulnerability of human emotion when presented with unfamiliar and/or uncomfortable stimuli. It is HQ’s responsibility to officiate and closely monitor these experiments and obtain data crucial to the development of the Initiative without compromising the well-being of its test subjects and integrity of the Initiative. Failure to heed any and all precautions may result in detrimental effects for all involved.


The collection and analysis of data gathered via surveillance and reconnaissance missions of the Drone ITS and Advanced Drone ITS culminates into one main goal of the Drone Initiative: the transportation of dry goods to Drone Support Troops (DST), allies and civilian populations. Dry goods include, but are not limited to, quality textiles, tactical accouterments, and food for thought. Here at the Initiative, we understand the value of the DST and their importance in the battle for the greater good of the arts and humanities and so we strive to provide them the best possible tools for everyday survival. Without the DST, the Initiative could not exist.

From the Drone Initiative’s Commander in Chief, K. Kawaguchi, Chief Financial Officer, C. Itagaki and  Chief Information Officer, C. Espiritu,

Tanks to the Troops, Drone ’til Death